Conference/Workshop of interest for AIROYoungers

From: 20 Sep 2021
To: 06 Dec 2021
Spain and Denmark
Machine Learning NeEDS Mathematical Optimization is an online seminar series, organized by Emilio Carrizosa (IMUS-Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Sevilla) and Dolores Romero Morales (CBS-Copenhagen Business School) with the collaboration of PhD Students Kseniia Kurishchenko (CBS) and Cristina Molero-Río (IMUS).

This series includes a number of presentations from leading academics in the field of Data Science and Analytics that will cover important topics such as explainability, fairness, fraud, privacy, etc. Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Optimization will be at the core of their presentations. We also have the YOUNG Online Seminar Series “Machine Learning NeEDS Mathematical Optimization”. In each YOUNG session, three junior academics will show their latest results in this burgeoning area . If you would like to receive updates for upcoming talks, please fill out this Google form.

The format is a weekly session that will take place every Monday, at 16.30 (CET), starting on January 11, 2021. It will be 100% online-access, and it will have speakers from around the globe.The Online Seminar Series is free thanks to the funding the EU gives to our H2020 MSCA NeEDS project, as well as the support given by IMUS-Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Sevilla. This support is gratefully acknowledged.

Shortly after each seminar, its video recording will be available at both the IMUS YouTube channel, as well as the NeEDS YouTube channel.