PhD Courses of interest for AIROYoungers

From: 12 Apr 2021
To: 16 Apr 2021
Lancaster University, online
Since 2007, NATCOR has been providing courses for PhD students and early career researchers working in Operational Research and related areas, such as Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Business Analytics. The NATCOR team now includes members of fourteen UK universities, and it is endorsed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Operational Research Society (ORS) and the European Association of Operational Research Societies (EURO).

The following course will be take place, via MS Teams, on 12th - 16th April

Stochastic Modelling Course

Stochastic Modelling is concerned with using probability concepts and techniques for capturing uncertainty in order to describe situations, predict performance and support decision making. The Operational Research literature abounds with applications of Stochastic Modelling, with Healthcare, Transportation, Computing and Communications, Business and Finance being just a few examples. In the recent years, Stochastic Modelling has become a key component of interdisciplinary research between Operational Research and Statistics and Machine Learning. This course will present some of the theory behind such modelling processes, but consideration will also be given to applications by means of case studies. The topics covered are: Stochastic Processes, Queueing Systems and Networks, Maintenance and Reliability, Inventory Control and Revenue Management. This course will run fully online, in a blended way including interactive sessions, and there will also be plenty of time for informa!
l interactions and networking.

Course Leader:
Dr Peter Jacko (Lancaster University)

Dr Rob Shone (Lancaster University)
Dr Chris Kirkbride (Lancaster University)
Dr David Worthington (Lancaster University)
Prof Adam Letchford (Lancaster University)
Dr Dong Li (Loughborough University)
Prof Shaomin Wu (University of Kent)

Lectures will be complemented by invited case study presentations by Richard Fussey (Blue Yonder) and Dr. Bin Liu (University of Strathclyde)

Registration will close at 12 noon on 26th March 2021 so register [] now to reserve your place!

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