AIRO Young Opportunity

04 Jun 2018
University of L'Aquila
The main research subject is the methodology supporting the PRIN project “Scheduling cuts”. The main reference models are: cutting stock, bin packing, integer and 0-1 knapsack, lot-sizing, location, stable set, time-indexed formulations. Other relevant model frameworks are bilevel programming and robust optimization. Integer linear programming (ILP) is the methodology commonly referred at in order to solve cutting/packing problems (C&P). Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition (DW) is another reference method that can be referred to in the project, depending on application. Typical C&P pricing problems arising in DW decomposition are in the form of d-dimensional integer/0-1 Knapsack (rectangles) or nesting (irregular shapes). Depending on problem size/complexity, these problems are either solved by exact algorithms or by heuristics. Price-and-branch and branch-and-priceare the main frameworks in which ILP is implemented.