AIRO Young Opportunity

06 Nov 2020
Imperial College London
Imperial College London invites applications for PhD candidates that are excited to shape the next generation of mobility systems and shed light on their societal impact. Towards this goal, you will be working under the supervision of Dr Dario Paccagnan, develop and analyze theoretically-sound tools/models/algorithms.

Autonomous Mobility on Demand - a mode of transportation wherein fleets of self-driving vehicles transport passengers on demand within a city - is forecasted to revolutionize the way we move. Yet its impact on our society is not fully understood. For example, how will autonomous vehicles integrate with the existing public transportation infrastructure? Will competition between multiple operators worsen the congestion?

You will have the opportunity to tackle these questions (and many more) in a principled way, and at the same time develop novel tools and algorithms to shape the future of intelligent transportations systems. As the interests of different parties are involved (e.g., traffic authority, municipalities, systems’ operators), you will exploit models and tools in game theory, optimization, control theory.

To apply for this position, we are looking for outstanding PhD candidates with a strong mathematical / computer science background. Familiarity with any of the following is desirable: convex optimization, algorithms, game theory, control theory.

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