AIRO Young Opportunity

08 Mar 2021
Universidad de Talca
The group of Management Informatics of the Universidad de Talca, Chile, is looking for talented (postdoctoral) researchers in the field of (robust/stochastic) mixed-integer programming (and its applications). Selected candidates are expected to contribute to the design and implementation of novel (exact and heuristic) solution methods to solve robust/stochastic mixed-integer programming problems (e.g., network design, scheduling, routing) emerging from different application areas (supply chain management, power systems engineering, healthcare management, natural resources management, among others).

We are looking for candidates with experience and interest in:
Coding and implementing exact and heuristic algorithms for solving (mixed-integer programming) optimization problems in C++.
Presenting and writing up academic papers.
Some experience with GIS is a plus.
This is a two-year position (with a possible extension to up to three additional years) and selected applicants are expected to join the group starting from March 2021 (although the start date can be negotiated within a relatively flexible time frame). A yearly budget for travel expenses, conference registration fees and other expenditures is also considered.

If you are interested and/or want more information about the position and application process, please contact Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda at and

Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda