AIRO Young Opportunity

08 Nov 2021
Department of Computer Science, University of Milan
PhD position at the University of Milan, O.R. group (G. Righini, M. Trubian, R. Cordone, A. Ceselli). Project title: "“Algoritmi di Ottimizzazione Matematica per il Routing di Veicoli Elettrici” ("Mathematical programming algorithms for electric vehicle routing".

The PhD position is at the University of Milan, and it is partially supported by M.A.I.O.R. (Lucca), an O.R. company with strong interest in recruiting young experts in optimization.

This position is part of an initiative of the Italian Government to support PhDs working on "innovation" and "green" topics. The project title reflects both the interest of MAIOR and specific competencies developed by the O.R. research group at the Univ. of Milan. However, it is not a limit to the scientific activity of the PhD student. The PhD student will have the opportunity to spend up to twelve months working in strict collaboration with M.A.I.O.R., which is highly motivated to invest in the education of potential new employees with excellent O.R. skills. This must be seen as an opportunity, not as a constraint: the PhD position is equally well-suited for candidates willing to pursue an academic career.

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