AIRO Young Opportunity

31 Oct 2021
Barcelona School of Economics
We are looking for a Research Assistant with relevant experience in developing optimisation algorithms. The candidate will work on integrating public transport vehicles in last-mile delivery, i.e., can we transport parcels on urban buses/trams/metro trains? How many of them? What are the disadvantages? How much carbon emissions can we save? Can we still guarantee on-time delivery? These are some of the research questions we tackle.

Interested candidates should send an email to with the subject “SO2021-10 Research Assistant”. It has to include one single file named “SO2021-04 RA Lastname_Firstname”.
The file should have: (A) 1 page explaining the research interests of the candidate, how he/she meets the specific requirements of the job position, and if he/she has a Spanish working permit. This page must include a link to sample code written by the candidate (in the past, or for the specific purpose of this application) in a programming language of choice. (B) A Curriculum Vitae.

Demostrated ability to produce correct, fast and maintainable code in a programming language of their choice (some preference is given to previous experience with C or C++). Please include in your application a link to publicly available code (e.g., a Github profile).

Specific Requirements
Familiarity with the operational research literature and, in particular, literature on routing problems. Documented previous experience in developing a (meta-)heuristic optimisation algorithm. Publications in the field of operational research, combinatorial optimisation, or similar.