AIRO Young Opportunity

22 Mar 2022
Doing The Math, Rotterdam
Doing the Math helps organizations to achieve their sustainability goals and to create support for this among employees, relations and other stakeholders. We combine data, mathematical modelling and communication strategies to achieve this

We are looking for optimisation modelling consultants to strengthen our team. As a new DTM team member you:
- have a drive to solve practical problems and help clients to achieve their goals
- have a master or PhD degree in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics or in a related field with an Operations Research specialization

- at least 3 years of work experience

- know how to write easy-to-maintain code in Python or Julia, are experienced in using solvers like SCIP, CPLEX and Gurobi and know your way in the open source community
- have a pro-active and supportive attitude
- are comfortable with speaking and writing in English
- are located in the EU

As an application, we would like to receive a letter of motivation and your CV. Do you first want to ask some questions? Contact us at, we are happy to tell you more!