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17 May 2017 PostDoc position in optimization of an advanced manufacturing system

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The Operations Research Group of the University of Milan (Italy),
opens one PostDoc position on the modelling and optimization of an advanced
manufacturing system for the production of architectural windows and doors.

This position is supported by a grant issued by Regione Lombardia
and its aim is technology transfer to the industrial partner of the project.

The appointment is for 18 months, with a gross salary of 20.800 EUR per
roughly corresponding to 1.500 EUR per month.

The ideal candidate should hold at least a Master's Degree (preferably,
a Ph.D.)
in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics and a good
in the development of mathematical programming models, in the C/C++
of exact and heuristic algorithms and in the use of general-purpose
for optimization.

The call for applications, in Italian, can be found at:
An English translation is available on request.

The closing date for applications is the 17th May 2017.

For any question, and in particular to prepare a possible application,
please contact:

Prof. Roberto Cordone

University of Milan Italy Go Academia
15 May 2017 Postdoc position in approximation algorithms

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The Algorithms and Complexity Group of IDSIA, University of Lugano
(Switzerland), opens one PostDoc position in approximation algorithms.
This position is supported by the
Swiss National Foundation Grant "Approximation Algorithms for Network Problems".

The appointment is for one year, with tentative starting date on 1st
November 2017.
The gross salary is roughly 80.000 CHF per year (low taxes, around 15%).
There are no teaching duties and there is generous travel support.
The ideal candidate should hold (or be close to obtaining) a Ph.D. in
Computer Science, and should have a solid
publication record in the area of algorithms and complexity (possibly
in approximation algorithms). Top conferences in this area include

Team members will have the opportunity to cooperate with the
Algorithms and Complexity group at IDSIA, which currently counts 7
researchers. The current research interests of the group include:
- network design;
- resource allocation and scheduling problems;
- geometric packing problems;
- "fast" approximation algorithms.

IDSIA offers an international working environment. Lugano is a tidy
and lively town, with a wonderful view on Ceresio lake and mountains
around. Ticino Canton offers many opportunities for hiking, biking,
skiing, etc. Local restaurants serve very good (Italian style!) food.

Further details about the project can be found at:

The interested candidates should email
- a detailed CV, including a list of publications and 2-3 references, and
- a short summary of past and current research interests

Applications should be sent as soon as possible, and in any case no
later than May 15th, 2017.
For any question, do not hesitate to contact:

Prof. Fabrizio Grandoni

University of Lugano Switzerland Go Academia
15 May 2017 Assistant Professor positions in Data Science and AI

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The Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) at Maastricht University invites applications for five full-time assistant professor positions in the following fields: Cybersecurity, Deep Learning, Advanced Statistics, Data Visualization, Image Processing.
Applications received by May 15th, 2017 will receive full consideration. The positions will remain open until filled. Applicants may be called in for an interview.
It is intended to fill these positons as soon as possible.
For more information on these positions:
For more information on the department:

Maastricht University Netherlands Go Academia
12 May 2017 PhD position in Operational Research

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PhD Thesis opportunity at Le Havre Normandy University.

Title: Optimization problems in temporal networks
Supervisors: Yoann Pigne, Eric Sanlaville
Keywords: graphs, optimization algorithms, temporal networks, dynamic graphs
Funding source: Public funds (French Ministry of Education and Research)
Deadline: Friday 12th of Mai, 2017

A temporal network, also called dynamic graph, is a graph defined on a time interval, where arcs (resp. vertices) might not be present at any time, but only occasionally [1]. Temporal networks allow to represent nodes and arcs presence variability in ad hoc mobile networks or social networks, as well as transportation networks submitted to traffic congestion. Hence they are a very interesting model for communication and logistic problems. [2], [3].

Our goal is to study some classical optimization problems on graphs within this new framework. Moreover, as the formalism for these networks is not completely fixed in the literature, a part of the work will consist in proposing the best adapted one for the tackled problems [4]. Determining for instance flows, particular structures like connected components valid during the considered time interval, will be considered. Several solving approaches like meta-heuristics, mathematical programming, approximation algorithms, will be exploited according to the treated problem natures.

The thesis subject fits well the research themes of the RIIC team (Interaction Networks and Collective Intelligence) of the computer science research department LITIS. Indeed, dynamic graphs are the backbone of the team work. The in-depth analysis of optimization methods in temporal networks will find immediate applications in the applied research funded projects of the team (logistics [3],[6], mobile networks [7], load balancing [8]). Indeed, temporal networks allow to model and control the evolution with time of this kind of physical networks.

The RI2C team develops a software platform to manipulate dynamic graphs, GraphStream [9], [10], this work will enrich the software by the way of a new model to represent and analyse dynamic graphs.

Work plan:
* Analysis of the temporal networks models from the literature.
* Extension of optimization problems to temporal networks
* Design, analysis of solving algorithms for these problems
* Implementation of the algorithms and models within GraphStream
* Scientific valorization
* Thesis writing

The chosen candidate shall display strong skills in graph theory and optimization. An excellent technical level in software development is expected (particularly in Java). The Software engineering basis techniquesmust be mastered and used (test oriented development, version management). He/She will organize his/her work and be able to respect the fixed due dates. Skills in statistic analysis and the knowledge of R language would be appreciated.

Interested candidates should send by mail CV, motivation letter and any additional material (master marks, training reports, recommendation letters,GitHub profile,...) to Eric Sanlaville ( and Yoann Pigné (

[1] P. Holme et J. Saramäki, « Temporal networks », /Physics Reports/, vol. 519, no 3, p. 97-125, oct. 2012.
[2] B. B. Xuan, A. Ferreira, et A. Jarry, « Evolving graphs and least cost journeys in dynamic networks », présenté à /WiOpt’03: Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks/, 2003, 10 pages.
[3] F. Guinand et Y. Pigné, « Time considerations for the study of complex maritime networks », in /Maritime Networks Spatial structures and time dynamics/, César Ducruet, Routledge, 2015, p. 163-189.
[4] D. Kempe, J. Kleinberg, et A. Kumar, « Connectivity and Inference Problems for Temporal Networks », in /Proceedings of the Thirty-second Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing/, New York, NY, USA, 2000, p. 504–513.
[5] O. Michail, « An Introduction to Temporal Graphs: An Algorithmic Perspective », /Internet Mathematics/, vol. 12, no 4, p. 239-280, juill. 2016.
[6] S. Balev, S. Michel, E. Sanlaville, et X. Schepler, « Global planning in a multi-terminal and multi-modal maritime container port », /Transportation Research Part E/, accepté, déc. 2016.
[7] A. Casteigts, S. Chaumette, F. Guinand, et Y. Pigné, « Distributed maintenance of anytime available spanning trees in dynamic networks », in /International Conference on Ad-Hoc Networks and Wireless/, 2013, p. 99–110.
[8] J. L. J. Laredo, F. Guinand, D. Olivier, et P. Bouvry, « Load Balancing at the Edge of Chaos: How Self-Organized Criticality Can Lead to Energy-Efficient Computing », /IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems/, 2016.
[9] A. Dutot, F. Guinand, D. Olivier, et Y. Pigné, « Graphstream: A tool for bridging the gap between complex systems and dynamic graphs », in /Emergent Properties in Natural and Artificial Complex Systems. Satellite Conference within the 4th European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS’2007)/, 2007.
[10] « GraphStream - A Dynamic Graph Library ». [En ligne]. Disponible sur: [Consulté le: 06-févr-2017].

Le Havre Normandy University France Go Academia
11 May 2017 Assistant Professor position in Computer Science / Structural Combinatorics

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Applications are invited for a 3-year position as Assistant Professor in Computer Science with specialization in Structural Combinatorics at the Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, with the possibility of renewal and shift to tenure track.

Candidates should have a PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science or Operations Research, and demonstrate strong potential for excellence in research.

The successful candidate will be expected to conduct research related to structural combinatorics, graph theory, design and analysis of algorithms.

The successful applicant will teach in English and within three years also in Czech, topics mainly from discrete mathematics and computer science. Good knowledge of Czech is advantageous but not necessary.

Desirable are a previous postdoc in combinatorics and strong background in graph theory and computer science.

Signed application in digital form, accompanied by a motivation letter, curriculum vitae, proof of education, list of publications, and a description of pedagogical experience should be sent to the Department of human resources
by May 11, 2017. The candidates should also arrange for two recommendation letters to be sent electronically to
Martin Loebl (head of KAM)
Selected candidates will be invited for interview in May.

Charles University of Prague Czech Republic Go Academia
10 May 2017 Postdoc position in the mathematics of constraint satisfaction

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Postdoc position on mathematics of constraint satisfaction in Dresden

A postdoc position will be available at the Institute of Algebra of TU Dresden,
supported by the ERC Consolidator Grant "CSP-Infinity" held by Manuel Bodirsky.
The goal of the project is to systematically study the computational complexity of CSPs for constraint languages over infinite domains.
Requirements for the candidate are a strong background in universal algebra, model theory, or theoretical computer science.
German skills are not required, and there are no teaching obligations.

The position is offered for three years; the starting date is flexible.
The monthly gross salary is around 3500 Euros,
and there will be generous travel support.
Applications should be sent in electronic form, including
a CV, publication list, motivation letter, and a copy or summary of the PhD thesis
(if not finished, a preliminary version),
to Informal inquires by email are welcome.

For full consideration please apply before May 10.

TU Dresden Germany Go Academia
01 May 2017 Postdoc position in algorithmic game theory

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A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in the area of the algorithmic
game theory
is available for three years. The start date can be negotiated for the
right candidate.

The position is in connection with an EPSRC research grant of Dr Marcin
Jurdzinski and Dr Ranko Lazic on solving parity games in theory and
practice. Parity games are an intriguing problem class, because they are
simple to state and have proven to be resistant to countless attempts to
classify their complexity. At the same time, algorithms for solving parity
games play a paramount role in model checking, satisfiability checking, and
synthesis. The main objective of the post is to pursue cutting-edge
research on algorithms and solvers for parity games, as well as mean
payoff, discounted payoff, and simple stochastic games.

You will have a strong background in theoretical computer science, with a
specialisation in algorithmic game theory, automata theory or model
checking. You will have (or expect to obtain shortly) a PhD in the relevant
area. You should provide with your application form a CV, including a list
of publications, a research statement, and a short statement highlighting
your suitability for this post.

You will be formally based in the Department of Computer Science at the
University of Warwick, and you will be associated with the Centre for
Discrete Mathematics and its Applications and the Division of Theory and
Foundations at the University of Warwick. The project will be collaborative
with Dr Sven Schewe, Dr John Fearnley and Dr Dominik Wojtczak at the
University of Liverpool.

The closing date for applying is 1 May 2017. Please see the full
advertisement at:

University of Warwick United Kingdom Go Academia
30 Apr 2017 PhD Position on adaptive routing of connected vehicles

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The SARA team of LAAS-CNRS (, Toulouse, France, is inviting applications for an open Ph.D. position.

*Title*: Real-Time Adaptive Routing of Connected Vehicles

*Description*: Connected vehicle technologies will enable safe, interoperable, networked wireless communications among vehicles, the infrastructure, and passengers’ personal communications devices. They will enable a broad range of new online services for making road traffic safer, smarter and greener. In particular, these technologies will provide a connected, data-rich travel environment based on information collected in realtime from thousands of vehicles. One such example on an enhanced driving experience is realtime travel time information on roads segments. The collection of this information will enable the service provider to give advance warning to drivers of the state of congestion on the roads, and suggest alternative routes to them.

The goal of this thesis is to design new traffic management schemes that will use the real-time collected data to suggest shorter alternate routes to drivers in order to reduce their journey times. Solutions based on Machine Learning techniques that take into account previous behaviour of drivers will be explored. In addition, any new technology for such services will be adopted only progressively by users. Some of the questions that arise in this context are : what is the proportion of drivers that need to adopt this technology in order to benefit a large fraction of drivers? How should drivers react if they get conflicting suggestions from two different service providers. These question shall be investigated within the framework of game theory and distributed algorithms.

*Key words*: adaptive routing, game theory, connected vehicles

*Desired profile of candidate*: The candidate has (or is in the final year) of an engineering degree or a master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related areas. She/he has an inclination towards mathematical analysis, and will have strong skills in programming languages (C/C++/Java).

*Work conditions*: The position is funded by a CIFRE (Industrial) contract on connected vehicles between LAAS-CNRS and Continental Digital Services France (CDSF). The fellow will be employed on a fixed-term contract of three years by CDSF, and will spend a part of their time at LAAS-CNRS. The monthly salary will be negotiated with CDSF based on the experience and qualifications of the fellow.

*Expected starting date*: 01 October, 2017.

Application material should include a CV, a letter of motivation, and names and contact details of two referees should be uploaded via

*Contacts for queries*: Olivier BRUN (,, and Balakrishna PRABHU (, ).

LAAS France Go Academia
30 Apr 2017 PhD Positions in Operational Research and Management Science

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Applications are invited for two fully-funded PhD positions in the Mathematical Sciences (Operational Research Group) and Business School (Management Sciences Group) at the University of Southampton, awarded on the basis of academic excellence to new students who will commence a research programme in Oct 2017. We are looking for applicants interested in the interface of Operational Research and Cooperative Game Theory. Knowledge on Algebraic geometry, numerical computation would be very desirable.

Please send any questions to Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen ( Successful candidates will work with Dr Nguyen: (and to be co-supervised by another member from Mathematical Sciences or Business School, and possibly by Professor Shmuel Onn from Technion if the project involves computational algebraic geometry:

The studentships include a fee waiver to cover fees at the UK/EU rate, a stipend (currently £14,300 per annum), and £750 per annum travel and conference grant for three years (further support for conferences might be available from other sources). The scholarships are available to students starting their studies in Oct 2017. Home, EU and International students are eligible.

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. Applicants should have a good degree (equivalent to a UK first-class honours or 2:1 degree) in Operational Research or a related discipline. Applicants should also meet English language requirements (IELTS 6.5 with no subscore lower than 5.5, or equivalent).

Applicants should prepare the following documents: (1) a brief covering letter that describes your reasons for wishing to pursue a PhD in the proposed area; (2) a copy of your CV, including your actual or expected degree class(es), and results of all University examinations; and (3) two academic references. These documents should be sent to Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen ( who will then provide direction for the formal application submission.

More details about the Operational Research Group and the Management Sciences Group at the University of Southampton can be found at:

University of Southampton United Kingdom Go Academia
30 Apr 2017 Postdoc positions in enumeration algorithms

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We currently invite applications for two postdoc positions at University Clermont Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand, France).

Job description
We are looking for candidates interested in working on enumeration algorithms, particularly the output-sensitive point of view. Enumeration algorithms are central in several areas, e.g., databases, graph algorithms, bio-informatics, chemo-informatics, artificial intelligence. A PhD in (theoretical) computer science, operations research, mathematics, bio-informatics or related fields is requested (experiences in (hyper)graph algorithms and/or algorithms in lattice theory are particularly appreciate). There is no teaching duty and no obligation to speak french.

Examples of interested topics are for instance those considered during the workshop WEPA The post-docs are funded by the french ANR project GraphEN
The terms and conditions of employment are in accordance with the policy of the Université Clermont-Auvergne. The net salary is around 2k euros, including insurance. Both positions are 1 year positions with a possible extension if funding permits.
The successful candidates will be members of LIMOS laboratory Clermont-Ferrand is an enjoyable old city situated next to Lyon and is surrounded by mountains (Massif Central).

The position is available from September 2017 (however the starting date is flexible, i.e., it can start before or after, but not after than October, 2017). The application procedure remains open until the position is filled. Applications will be reviewed on a regular basis.
All applications should include a detailed resume, a motivation letter and contact details of at least three references who can provide recommendation letters upon request.
Please submit your queries/application via email at: {mamadou.kante,lhouari.nourine}

University of Clermond Auvergne France Go Academia
30 Apr 2017 Faculty positions in AI, Data Analytics, and others

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Nestled in the foothills of Aravalli Range, the picturesque NIIT University is located in Neemrana in Rajasthan, India which is approximately 100 kms from the New Delhi Airport. The 100 acres green campus is equipped with state-of-the-art technology enabled teaching methodology backed by a strong research focused curriculum for facilitating a continuous process of learning and development.

The University invites applications for faculty positions in Computer Science and Engineering. Candidates in all areas of Computer Science and Engineering may apply but those with specialization in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Databases, Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Information Security and Data Analytics will be given preference. Positions remain open until filled.

Candidates must have earned (or expect shortly) a Ph.D for Assistant Professor, Ph.D with 6 years of experience for Associate Professor, Ph.D with 10 years of experience for Professor in the above disciplines. Candidates must have a good publication record; proven ability to establish an independent research program; demonstrate flair for innovation; be open to participate in developing new interdisciplinary programs of study; have the commitment to excel both in research and teaching and establish strong linkages with industry. Industry experience and/or post-doctoral experience will be considered an asset.

The University provides an intellectual environment and is committed to academic excellence. The four core principles of NIIT University, namely, Industry-linked, Research-driven, Technology-based, and Seamless define the DNA of the University. For more information, please visit the university website

NIIT University offers a competitive compensation at par with the best academic institutions in India. In addition, NU provides a start up research grant at the time of joining, travel support for presenting papers in reputed International Conferences and Workshops. NU provides research incentives, such as monetary award for refereed Journal publications. In line with the Industry-linked as a core principle, the university will enable faculty to consult with industry in India and abroad.

Interested applicants who are keen to re-locate to India are invited to submit their curriculum vitae including employment history, a statement outlining research and teaching interests, list of consultancies and projects undertaken and names of at least three referees.

Applications may be sent electronically in PDF format to HR Manager, or the Area Director,

NIIT University India Go Academia
30 Apr 2017 Open positions in Machine Learning, Optimization, Data Mining, Computational Economics

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Yahoo Research is growing its strategic research teams to enable the company to build new products and platforms that our customers need, now and in the future. We have exciting job openings in several technical focus areas that are located in our New York City office located one block from Times Square.

We hire the best scientific minds who like to roll up their sleeves, make new discoveries and contribute to the success of the business. We are looking for Research Scientists with a PhD degree in Computer Science, Industrial or Electrical Engineering or Mathematical Optimization. Our scientists specialize in designing and building scalable and reliable distributed and parallel systems that serve all the aspects of big data like data mining, optimization, machine learning, computational economics and analytics. Our group recently grew in all the above disciplines and we continue our expansion.

We design innovative algorithms to push the capacity, performance and reliability of our platforms, exploit novel hardware and software architectures, and evaluate the impact in Web-scale production settings. We actively contribute to the scientific and open source communities in foundations of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Mathematical Optimizationand Computational Economics.

Here are some reasons to explore this opportunity:

1. We have a huge number of research problems to solve that lie on the intersection of Optimization, Machine Learning and ComputationalEconomics. If you are an expert in one of these fields and want to expand your research profile this is an ideal place for you.

2. We work on game changing products and solutions, you can quickly see how your research ideas and algorithms influence revenue and user engagement. The selection of our projects is unparalleled and we have amazing relationships with the product groups.

3. We care about you continuing your fundamental research, publishing papers and keeping track of the latest technologies developed in your respective field.

Responsibilities Include:

· Deep dive into the data to understand and apply patterns, while maintaining a sense of the big picture.
· Work closely with colleagues on the engineering team to put research results into action.
· Provide thought leadership to guide the direction of Yahoo products and services.
· Push your own research agenda and look to influence our products and services with your expertise.

Required Skills and Qualifications

· PhD inComputer Science, Industrial or Electrical Engineering or Mathematical Optimization.
· Strong research track record (academic or industrial) in one of the following areas: Mathematical Optimization and Algorithm Design, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, ComputationalEconomics (auctions, pricing, mechanism design) or related areas.
· Strong design and implementation skills inJava or C++. Experience with large-scale production code development is a plus.
· Ability to conduct research that is justified and guided by business opportunities.
· Strong communication and presentation skills.

Please send your CV and a short letter of interest to Maxim Sviridenko (sviri at yahoo-inc dot com).

Yahoo Research United States Go Industry
28 Apr 2017 Research Assistant/Associate in Computational Optimisation Research

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We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant/Associate to work on the EPSRC-funded project GALINI: Global ALgorithms for mixed-Integer Nonlinear optimisation of Industrial systems. This project develops and deploys a new, open-source mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation solver GALINI. We will develop decision-making tools for energy efficiency challenges in process systems engineering through novel advances in mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation (MINLP).

Imperial College - London UK Go Academia
26 Apr 2017 Postdoc position in algorithms for big data

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We are seeking to recruit a Post-doctoral Research Fellow to work in the area of algorithms for analysing large data sets. The position is based at the University of Warwick, in the United Kingdom (UK).

You will be expected to perform high quality research under the supervision of Professor Graham Cormode, as part of the ERC funded project 'Small Summaries for Big Data'. This can encompass streaming algorithms, sketching and dimensionality reduction, distributed monitoring and mergable summaries, verification of outsourced computation, or other related topics. The expectation is that you will produce breakthough research results in the summarisation of large volumes of data, and publish these results in top rated venues.

You will possess a PhD or an equivalent qualification in Computer Science or a very closely related discipline (or you will shortly be obtaining it). You should have a strong back ground in one of the following areas: algorithm design and analysis; randomised and approximation algorithms; communication complexity and lower bounds; streaming or sublinear algorithms. The post is based in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, but collaborations with closely related research organisations such as the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP), the Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC) and the newly formed Alan Turing Institute (ATI) will be strongly encouraged.

Candidates should provide with their application form a CV, a list of publications and a research statement.

University of Warwick United Kingdom Go Academia
26 Apr 2017 PhD positions in Operational Research

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PhD positions in Mathematics at LSE (the London School of Economics and Political Science)

The Department of Mathematics at LSE has openings for PhD students, including in the areas of Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research and Analytics, and Game Theory. We are seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students with a strong mathematical background and interest in combinatorics, discrete random structures, mathematical foundations of operations research, discrete optimisation, algorithms, mathematical and algorithmic game theory, and related areas.

For further information about the PhD programme, application procedures, and faculty please see

Applicants will automatically be considered for LSE funding covering fees and paying GBP 18,000/year (approximately EUR 21,000 or USD 22,000) for up to 4 years. The award of these scholarships is competitive, based on academic performance (typically in an MSc or equivalent) and suitability of the proposed research. The second (and last) application deadline for funding is 26 April 2017.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the following department faculty members, well in advance of the deadline, to discuss their qualifications and research interests before submitting a formal application:
Discrete Mathematics: Prof Graham Brightwell
Operations Research: Prof Gregory Sorkin
Game Theory: Prof Bernhard von Stengel
It is fine if you wish to write to several of us, but then please do so in a single email.

London School of Economics United Kingdom Go Academia
23 Apr 2017 Assistant Professor in Opimisation and Industrial Engineering

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IMT Atlantique (École Nationale Supérieure Mines-Télécom Atlantique
Bretagne Pays de la Loire) is an elite graduate school of engineering
and international research center under the authority of the French
Ministry of Industry and Digital Communication. Resulting from the
recent merger on 1 January 2017 of Télécom-Bretagne and Mines-Nantes,
it is a school of the Institut Mines-Télécom (the leading group in
France for study and research in engineering and management: includes
12 engineering institutes and 1 business school located throughout

Based on 3 different campuses (Brest, Rennes and Nantes), IMT
Atlantique aims to combine energy and digital technology to transform
society and industry through education, research and innovation in
order to become an international reference in this area.
Each year, IMT Atlantique guides approximately 2.300 students in
engineering, Masters of Science and Ph.D. programs. Its research
activities, at the crossroads of business and higher education, are
led by 290 researchers which produce over 1000 publications each year
and 18M € of funded research and development. Its courses are based on
cutting-edge research performed in 6 joint research laboratories:

The Department of Automation, Production and Computer Sciences (DAPI:
Département Automatique, Productique et Informatique) of IMT
Atlantique is located on the Nantes Campus. The department employs
around one hundred people, forty of which are full professors or
assistant/associate professors (fr. Maître Assistant). The research
topics of DAPI include Control, Robotics, Operations Research,
Industrial Engineering, Mathematical Decision Making, and Software
Engineering. DAPI is a member of the LS2N CNRS research laboratory
( recently created from the merging of the IRCCyN and
LINA laboratories.

The candidate will be integrated into the Optimization and Decision
Aiding group of DAPI and the Logistics and Production System (SLP)
Team of LS2N. The research in SLP focuses on analyzing, modeling and
solving optimization and decision making problems which appear in
logistics and production systems at strategic, tactical and
operational levels. The candidate will be asked to focus his research
on domains related to the Factories of the Future (FoF) initiative of
the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
Collaboration with the other IMT Atlantique/LS2N team, TASC, in
constraint programming, will be encouraged.

The candidate will teach in the industrial engineering and
optimization curriculum of IMT Atlantique, in particular the IMT
Atlantique engineering programme and/or the MOST international Master
of Science. (Management and Optimization of Supply Chains and


The candidate will participate in education, academic and
collaborative research objectives. He/she will be actively involved in
local, national and international partnerships of DAPI and LS2N.
He/she will be asked to take administrative responsibilities in
teaching programs, research projects or institutional endeavors.


• The candidate will be involved in the IMT Atlantique educational
programs, particularly those of the DAPI the engineering curriculum
and the MOST MSc. Teaching experience in some of the following
subjects is required:

o Industrial engineering
o Design of production systems
o Production planning and scheduling
o Inventory control and demand forecasting
o Combinatorial optimization, robust optimization and decision making
o Metaheuristics, heuristic and exact optimization algorithms
o Programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, C++)

• IMT Atlantique is particularly interested in qualitative and
innovative teaching methods. A strong investment in pedagogical
activities related to his/her courses is expected.

• IMTA trains engineers for a quickly evolving industry. The capacity
of the candidate to teach in this context and propose and supervise
student projects in collaboration with industry is desired.

Research and collaborative projects

The candidate will perform his/her research in the fields of the
Logistics and Production Systems team: design, planning and scheduling
of production systems, optimization of transportation and logistics
networks, risk assessment and control in services and industrial

He/she will develop optimization and decision-aiding tools in the
framework of projects related to Factories of the Future (FoF). This
work will be related to the optimization of production systems,
logistics networks or supply chain, in connection with innovative
communication technology. Research experience in production
scheduling, in particular in a stochastic, robust or dynamic context,
will be appreciated.

The recruited candidate will be expected to publish his/her work in
high-level international journals and conferences. He/she will also be
expected to supervise master and PhD students’ research. His/her
research will be conducted through local, national, European, and
international projects.

Finally, the candidate will be expected to propose collaborative
research projects with industry and contribute to enhancing the
overall reputation of IMT Atlantique.

According to the Maître Assistant status, the candidate must have the
nationality of a European Community country, member of EEC.

He/she will have strong competences in optimization and industrial
engineering as well as:

• Skill and motivation for teaching and research, in particular in
connection with industry.
• Ability to propose, obtain, and participate in research and applied
research projects.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in projects.
• Open-minded, self-assessment capacity.
• Interest and openness to the world of business and innovation in education.
• Scientific publications.
• Excellent practice of English.
• Good computer programming skills.


For further information, contact Alexandre Dolgui, Head of DAPI – – tél : +33 2 51 85 82 18

The deadline for submitting an application is 23 April 2017.

To obtain the complete application dossier, please contact Human
Resource Services:

Florence MOULET– - tél : +33 2 51 85 83 63


Jean-Philippe ROULLAND – –
tél: +33 2 51 85 83 54

Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique
4 rue Alfred Kastler
BP 20722
44307 Nantes CEDEX 3.

Website of Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique:

IMT Nantes France Go Academia
19 Apr 2017 PhD Position in Multiobjective Optimisation

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LAMSADE research center, in Paris Dauphine University, is inviting applications for an open, fully funded, three years PhD position in multiobjective optimization, entitled "Discrete representation of the Pareto set in multi-objective optimization".

Details on the subject:

Required profile:
- Master in Operations Research - Computer science or equivalent
- Strong skills in programming
- Knowledge in multiobjective optimization or approximation theory would be appreciated

Application procedure and deadline:
Any interested candidate is invited to email his/her application (including CV, letter of motivation, academic record during the last two years and possibly the name of one reference with her/his email-address) to and

The application deadline is April 19, 2017.

A first selection will be performed among eligible applications, and selected candidates will be interviewed.

Paris Dauphine University France Go Academia
13 Apr 2017 Ricercatore a tempo determinato RTDa in Ricerca Operativa

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Si comunica che è disponibile il bando per un concorso per ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo A per l'SSD MAT/09 richiesto dal Dipartimento Politecnico di Ingegneria e Architettura.

Università di Udine Italy Go Academia
10 Apr 2017 PhD position in Operational Research

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The Department of Operations and Systems Management of the Portsmouth Business School has an opening for PhD student, in optimization of Multimodal Transportation Systems. We are seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students with a strong mathematical background.

Applicants will have a good first degree (minimum 2.1 or equivalent) and Masters in mathematics, transportation engineering, operations research, computer science, industrial engineering, economics, or another subject relevant to business and management. Solid records in linear optimization and familiarity with (preferably) C/C++ or Java are very essential.

For further information about the application procedures, eligibility etc. please see

Enquiries relating to the topic should be directed to:

Portsmouth Business School United Kingdom Go Academia
09 Apr 2017 Tenure-track Professorship in Large-Scale Data-Intensive Systems

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Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) invites applications for a tenured or tenure-track professor in Large-Scale Data-Intensive Systems.

Aalto University Finland Go Academia
05 Apr 2017 Assegno di Ricerca in Vehicle Routing - Last Mile Logistics

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È stato appena bandito un Assegno di Ricerca, di durata annuale per un importo di 25000 Euro, al Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Università di Pisa dal titolo “Problemi di Vehicle Routing nell'ambito della logistica “ultimo miglio””. Tale assegno è rivolto a laureati magistrali in discipline scientifiche (Informatica, Matematica, Ingegneria) e riguarderà l'analisi concettuale e l'implementazione di algoritmi per problemi di distribuzione di merci in ambito urbano e metropolitano dalle piattaforme logistiche dei corrieri nazionali al destinatario, tramite un servizio di condivisione dei mezzi di operatori locali, con l'obbiettivo di ridurre gli impatti in termini di traffico veicolare ed emissioni inquinanti, nonché i costi di consegna. L'assegno è completamente finanziato dalla T.I.M.E. S.r.l. nell'ambito del Progetto SII MOBILITY, e prevede una significativa parte implementativa su piattaforma Java secondo i vincoli di implementazione e deployment e le specifiche tecniche definiti dal progetto. La sede di svolgimento sarà il Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Università di Pisa, con possibili trasferte presso i locali della T.I.M.E. S.r.l.

La società T.I.M.E. S.r.l. è interessata ad acquisire nel medio termine competenze specifiche riguardo alla soluzione di problemi di ottimizzazione, pertanto potrà essere considerata l'estensione dell'assegno per un secondo anno, ed in seguito altre forme di collaborazione.

Per ulteriori informazioni è possibile fare riferimento ad Antonio Frangioni -

Università di Pisa / TIME S.r.l. Italy Go Industry
05 Apr 2017 Lecturer position in Operational Research

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The Department of Management Science at Lancaster University currently has 2 openings at the Lecturer/Senior Lecturer level in Operations Research. We particularly encourage candidates with research interests in Simulation and/or Health Care applications of Operations Research to apply.

Lancaster University United Kingdom Go Academia
03 Apr 2017 Lecturer position in O.R. and M.S.

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The Department of Management Science at Lancaster University currently has two vacancies for lecturer or senior lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor and associate professor, respectively) in Operational Research.

University of Lancaster United Kingdom Go Academia
03 Apr 2017 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Management Science (Operations Research) x 2

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Two positions open at the Lecturer/Senior Lecturer level (equivalent to Assistant/Associate Professor) into the Operations Research group within the Department of Management Science at the Management School of Lancaster University

Lancaster University UK Go Academia
01 Apr 2017 Postdoc position in Sustainable Urban Transportation Planning

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We currently invite applications for a postdoc position in Sustainable Urban Transportation Planning at Concordia University - CIRRELT (Montreal, Canada).

Ivan Contreras and Gilbert Laporte

Program description
Urban transportation concerns the movement of both freight and people in urban areas and involves different stakeholders. The considerable urban population growth over the last decades, together with the rise of e-commerce, and the increased attention to sustainability poses important challenges for the planning of urban transportation systems, particularly in the freight transport sector. The main goal of this research proposal is to study strategic optimization models in urban freight transportation that integrate facility location, capacity planning, fleet composition, and vehicle routing decisions. In particular, it will focus on the design of two-level urban freight transportation networks involving urban consolidation centers and cross-dock satellites. Mathematical models will be developed to analyze the impact of location, capacity selection, link activation, and routing decisions on pollution when these are taken into account in the design of urban freight transportation networks. Approximate and exact solution algorithms will also be developed to efficiently solve these problems.

Academic qualifications required
Phd in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Transportation, or related fields with experience in mathematical modeling and in the development of decomposition methods for large-scale optimization.
Advanced knowledge in commercial optimization solvers (CPLEX or GUROBI) and programming skills in C/C++ or Java are required.
Knowledge in urban transportation planning is desirable.

Eligibility requirements
Applicants must not currently hold a postdoctoral appointment at Concordia
Priority will be given to postdoctoral fellows who have obtained their PhD from another university although in exceptional cases Concordia graduates may be considered
Applicants must adhere to the postdoctoral fellow eligibility criteria outlined in Concordia University’s Postdoctoral Policy

Timeline and application process
Application deadline: open until the position is filled but no later than April 1, 2017
Fellowship start date: no later than July 1, 2017
Submission process: all documents must be submitted to Cynthia Raso
Please include the reference number with your application

Application checklist
One to three (1-3) page research statement demonstrating fit with the program described above.
Current curriculum vitae demonstrating research excellence and a capacity for leadership in the domain (maximum 5 pages).
Two letters of reference from academic supervisors or current employers to be sent via e-mail directly to Cynthia Raso

Reference number

Concordia University, CIRRELT Canada Go Academia