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Name E-mail Position Affiliation Home Page Cv Updated
Zhian M. Mahmood Unknown 20 Apr 2022
Hamou SATLA PhD student Usthb University 09 Apr 2022
Setyo Tri Windras Mara PhD student University of New South Wales Go View 06 Apr 2022
Cristina Ondei PhD student 29 Mar 2022
Alice Raffaele PhD student University of Trento and University of Verona 28 Mar 2022
Marco Premoli Unknown 25 Mar 2022
Alberto Boggio Tomasaz Unknown 25 Mar 2022
Daniel Dissegna Unknown University of Milan 24 Mar 2022
Rosario Messana PhD student Università degli Studi di Milano View 24 Mar 2022
Shaghayegh RAMEZANPOUR SHALMANI PhD student ESSEC Business School View 09 Feb 2022
Silvia Anna Cordieri PhD student Università di Bologna Go 17 Jan 2022
Valentina Morandi Experienced researcher (academia) Università degli Studi di Brescia View 12 Jan 2022
Shivam Kushwaha PhD student Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur India 20 Dec 2021
Nicola Gastaldon Working in the industry Salvagnini Group S.p.A. 15 Dec 2021
Riccardo Giusti PhD student Politecnico di Torino View 17 Nov 2021
Mehmet Anıl AKBAY PhD student IIIA-CSIC 10 Nov 2021
Michele Barbato Hidden by the user Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Dept. of Computer Science - University of Milan Go View 04 Nov 2021
Serena Fugaro Hidden by the user Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Institute for Applications of Calculus "Mauro Picone" - National Research Council of Italy Go 14 Oct 2021
Marco Roma Unknown 28 Sep 2021
Marouan Unknown 16 Sep 2021
Andrii Galkin Unknown 15 Sep 2021
Arturo Ghinassi Masters student Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza" View 05 Aug 2021
Marouan marouan.handa@gmail.cpù Unknown 07 May 2021
Michele Urbani PhD student University of Trento Go View 29 Apr 2021
Sambeet Mishra Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Go 19 Mar 2021