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Name E-mail Position Affiliation Home Page Cv Updated
chenghao WANG Unknown 09 May 2018
Gabriella Colajanni PhD student Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Catania View 06 May 2018
Veronica Dal Sasso Working in the industry Optrail Go View 04 May 2018
Seyyed Amir Babak Rasmi Unknown 17 Apr 2018
Rossana Cavagnini PhD student University of Bergamo 23 Mar 2018
Ali Postdoc/young researcher (academia) University of Cagliari Go View 17 Mar 2018
Davide Duma PhD student University of Turin Go View 09 Mar 2018
Roberto Roberti Experienced researcher (academia) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Go 07 Mar 2018
Istvan S. de Zagon Unknown 14 Feb 2018
Fulvio Antonio Cappadonna Unknown 08 Feb 2018
Francesco Curia PhD student University of Rome, Sapienza 24 Dec 2017
Joao Paiva Fonseca PhD student Technical University of Denmark - DTU Management Engineering Go 18 Dec 2017
David Sacramento Lechado Unknown 13 Nov 2017
Lavinia Amorosi PhD student University of Rome, Sapienza View 05 Nov 2017
Vittorio Solina PhD student University of Calabria Go View 04 Nov 2017
Alberto Franzin PhD student Université Libre de Bruxelles Go 03 Nov 2017
Martina Fischetti PhD student Dtu / Vattenfall View 16 Oct 2017
Giacomo Lanza Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna 26 Sep 2017
Federico Naldini Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna Go 26 Sep 2017
Silvia Rota Unknown View 18 Sep 2017
Alessio Trivella PhD student Technical University of Denmark Go View 17 Sep 2017
Tiziano Bacci Unknown 15 Sep 2017
Nicola Gastaldon PhD student University of Padova / Trans-Cel Autotrasporti 11 Sep 2017
Claudio Sole Unknown 21 Aug 2017
Christopher Neal Unknown 21 Aug 2017