AIRO Young Researchers Chapter

AIRO Young Researchers Chapter is part of the Italian Operational Research Society (AIRO). Its aim is to foster collaboration between students and early-career researchers interested in the field of OR, and to provide them with new opportunities to advance their carreer and expand their network. It also strives to connect the demand and the offer in the OR job market, both in academia and in the industry. To become a member of the Chapter, you have to be a member of AIRO and fulfill any of the following conditions:

  1. Be enrolled in a Bachelor, Masters, or PhD course in a field related to OR;
  2. Have obtained your PhD degree in a field related to OR no more than five years ago;
  3. Be no more than 35 years old and have a strong interest in OR.

Activity Report: 2020

You can access the last report presenting our main activities in 2020 and some anticipations for next year at the following link.

Activity Report: 2019

You can access the report presenting our main activities in 2019 at the following link.

Activity Report: 2016-18

You can access our Summer 2018 newsletter, including a report of our activities and the balance sheet of the section at the following link.

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Board of directors

  •   Coordinator Lavinia Amorosi
  •   Coordinator Martina Fischetti
  •   Treasurer Valentina Morandi
  •   Social Media Manager Serena Fugaro
  •   Social Media Manager Alice Raffaele


  •   Alberto Santini
  •   Lavinia Amorosi
  •   Martina Fischetti
  •   Veronica Dal Sasso