AIRO PhD School 2021 + 5th AIROYoung Workshop

The joint event, on the topic «Optimization and Data Science: Trends and Applications» will take place in a blended form (in Naples and online) during February 8-12, 2021 and feature contributed and invited sessions; these latest by Alberto Ceselli and Ivana Ljubic. Visit the website.

  New SN ORFO Paper - January 2021

"Women Just Wanna Have OR: Young Researchers Interview Expert Researchers" by Lavinia Amorosi, Rossana Cavagnini, Veronica Dal Sasso, Martina Fischetti, Valentina Morandi and Alice Raffaele. You can read the full open-access article here.

  New SN ORFO Paper - November 2020

"How to Organize an OR Workshop: the AIROYoung Experience" by Rossana Cavagnini, Veronica Dal Sasso, Valentina Morandi and Alice Raffaele. You can read the full open-access article here.

  IFORS News - March 2020

We had the opportunity to tell AIROYoung story and experience in the latest volume of IFORS News, published in March 2020. You can read the full article here.

  4th AIROYoung Workshop

The 4th AIROYoung Workshop, on the topic «New Advances in Optimization, Machine Learning and Data Science» will take place in Bozen during February 5-7, 2020 and feature contributed and invited sessions; these latest by Claudia Archetti, David Pisinger and Tullia Padellini. Visit the website.

  3rd AIROYoung Workshop and PhD School

The 3rd AIROYoung Workshop, on the topic «Advanced Methods in Optimisation and Data Science» will take place in Rome during March 28-29, 2018 and feature contributed and invited sessions; these latest by Paolo Dell'Olmo and Laura Palagi. The workshop will be precedeed by the AIROYoung PhD School, during March 26-27, with lectures from Teodor Crainic and Endre Boros. Visit the website.

  AIROYoung at ODS 2018

This year, too, we are present at ODS 2018, which will take place in Taormina, Sicily from September 10 to 13, and where we organise an AIROYoung session. Also notice that AIRO will offer a thesis prize to the best Master's thesis in Operational Research. Find more info on AIRO's website (in italian).

  AIRO Thesis Prizes 2017

AIRO awards each year a Masters Thesis prize (1000€) for a thesis of exceptional scientific value and originality. The prize can be awarded to Italian citizens who graduated at an Italian University during the last academic year. Candidates must hand in a copy of their thesis, a statement declaring that the thesis has been succesfully defended, and a presentation letter from their supervisor. Besides the monetary prize, winners can participate to AIRO Annual Conference — where the prize is officially awarded — for free and become AIRO members for one year.

Call for applications (in Italian)

  1st AIRO Young Workshop (2017)

The 1st AIROYoung Workshop, on the topic «Emerging optimisation problems in complex networks» took place in Rome during February 16-17, 2017. Visit the website.

  SN Operations Research Forum - Special Issue

The AIROYoung Experience: Operations Research for Young Enthusiasts: this topical collection will be dedicated to young researchers in Operations Research and all of the various sub-disciplines and topics that comprise this broad and diverse field. This collection will be focused specifically on research presented at the 4th AIROYoung Workshop (Bolzano, February 5-7, 2020) and to the Italian AIROYoung chapter experience. AIROYoung provides an example of a successful initiative that emerged from the desire to develop a community of young researchers by and for young researchers. Here, volunteer PhDs and young operations research specialists invested their time and effort to create a community, to offer resources, and to foster collaborations between universities and industries. For further information, visit the website.

  Latest AIROYoung newsletter and Activity Report 2016-18

You can download the latest AIROYoung newsletter (August 2018), which also contains the activity report for years 2016 through 2018, as well as the chapter's balance sheet.

August 2018 Newsletter and Report (in Italian)

  2nd AIRO Young Workshop (2018)

The 2nd AIROYoung Workshop, on the topic «Logistics Optimisation and Applied Operational Research» will take place in Cosenza during March 1-2, 2018. Visit the website.

  AIRO Young Sessions at ODS 2017

This year we are organising multiple AIRO Young Sessions at the Optimisation and Data Science conference held in Sorrento during September 4-7, 2017. These sessions are a great opportunity for young researchers to get together and present their latest work.

  AIROYoung Researchers Poster Sessions 2016

At the AIRO Annual Conference 2016, the Young Researchers Chapter organised a poster session for Master and PhD students, and young Postdocs. The posters are up for the whole duration of the conference and, at certain moments, the authors and the other attendees meet to comment on the works. The poster session is a great occasion to showcase your work, get comments, feedback and — why not? — start new collaborations.