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Name E-mail Position Affiliation Home Page Cv Updated
alessia giuliaentti Unknown 28 Nov 2023
Joelle Sara Habib Masters student Roma Tre University View 23 Oct 2023
Roberto Bargetto Unknown 22 Sep 2023
Arianna Freda Unknown 19 Sep 2023
Alberto Santini Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Universitat Pompeu Fabra Go View 13 Sep 2023 Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Princeton University Go 07 Sep 2023
Filippo Pecci Postdoc/young researcher (academia) Princeton University Go View 05 Aug 2023
Mariagrazia Cairo PhD student University of Rome Sapienza View 21 Jul 2023
Minakshi Punam Mandal Unknown 01 Jun 2023
HAOQI XIE PhD student University of Genoa 30 May 2023
Alice Raffaele Postdoc/young researcher (academia) University of Verona 16 Mar 2023
Alberto Boggio Tomasaz PhD student Università degli studi di Milano 14 Mar 2023
Silvia Anna Cordieri PhD student Università di Bologna Go 10 Mar 2023
Nicola Gastaldon Working in the industry Salvagnini Group S.p.A. 14 Feb 2023
Davide Russo Postdoc/young researcher (academia) IASI CNR 26 Jan 2023
Amine BELMZOUKIA Unknown 02 Jan 2023
Simone Milanesi Unknown 23 Dec 2022
Francesco Stranieri PhD student Polytechnic University of Turin/University of Milano-Bicocca Go View 16 Dec 2022
Maria Truvolo PhD student University of Genoa 29 Nov 2022
Valentina Bonomi PhD student Università degli Studi di Brescia 16 Nov 2022
Dario Palasgo PhD student University of Padova View 25 Oct 2022
Davide Duma Postdoc/young researcher (academia) University of Pavia Go View 21 Oct 2022
Lavinia Amorosi Postdoc/young researcher (academia) University of Rome, Sapienza Go View 19 Oct 2022
Francesco Giannini Unknown 26 Sep 2022
Mikele Gajda PhD student HEC Lausanne - University of Lausanne 16 Sep 2022