AIRO Young Opportunity

03 Nov 2021
University of Bologna
A procedure of comparative evaluation by qualifications and public discussion is called for the
recruitment of a three-year position (RTD-A: fixed-term employment contract full-time for three-year pursuant to art. 24 paragraph 3 letter a) junior of Law no. 240/2010).
The gross annual salary is € 36.344,00. The annual increase in this amount will be calculated according to the existing procedure for noncontracted personnel.
The contract is activated with resources from the 2014-2020 PON "Ricerca e Innovazione" and
co-financed with the funds for the promotion and development of the policies of the Programma
nazionale per la ricerca (PNR) referred to in Ministerial Decree 737 of 25/06/2021.

The specific elements of this procedure are as follows:
- Department: Department of Mathematics - MAT
- Number of positions: 1
- Thematic area: Green
- Thematic Area SNSI: “Agenda Digitale, Smart Communities, Sistemi di mobilità intelligente.” - Areas of development of the project SNSI: “Sistemi di mobilità urbana intelligente per la logistica e le persone.”
- PNR topics and articulations: “Ambito CLIMA, ENERGIA, MOBILITÀ SOSTENIBILE: Mobilità sostenibile”; “Articolazione 3. Servizi di mobilità e trasporto (the research will also have overlaps with articolazione 1 and 5)”.
- Main place of employment: Cesena
- Contract type: Full-time
- Project title: Models, methods, and algorithms for sustainable mobility.
- Brief description of the project: Today, one of the main environmental, social, and
business challenges is defining a new sustainable mobility of people and goods. The
transition of traditional transport systems to new technologies and new processes requires
the solution of several problems ranging from the definition of the recharging networks to the
routing of self-driving vehicles in fully decentralized systems. The research aims to define
some basic optimization problems and for some of them to propose new models and solution
methods. The research will consider both new problems and problems already under
investigation by the scientific community, but still without satisfactory solutions. The most
interesting problems concern the effective and efficient use of traditional, electric, and selfdriving
vehicles, including their use for passenger and freight services, e.g., to reduce costs,
travel times, pollution, and traffic congestion.
- Number of hours of frontal teaching per year: 48
- Admission requirement: PhD
- Maximum number of publications: 12
- Language in which the interview will take place: English language
- Research period in a company: A period of 6-12 months in a company is scheduled, the
company will be identified by the Department.